Brand Management - Evol Components

Evol Component's Story

Evol Components began as just a concept: a beautifully nature-inspired component printed by computer. Now, Evol Components is a Motorcycle parts manufacturer based in the UK. Heath Townsend, founder and CEO of Evol Components cares about attention to detail and perfectionism which is perfect for YellowScribe - ensuring our projects will be as close to what he wants them to be as possible. Working with Evol Components is fun and exciting because you never know what's around the corner.

The Landing Page

Since E.C. is a developing business in the beginning stages - we developed Heath a landing page to collect people's emails. This way, we can provide a call to action whilst the real website is being built (by us, too). This landing page has a simple black, white and grey design with Heath's brand font along with his high definition logo at the top.

Heath designed his logo himself, because he has a great amount of CAD and Photoshop experience since graduating from Bath University.

E.C.'s achievements

Heath won the 2020 Make it Real 3D Printing Challenge for his company Evol Components along with polySpectra’s production additive manufacturing services to turn their submission into a functional product. With this $25,000 of prize funding, Heath plans on unveiling many exciting and modern products using his creativity as the driving factor.

The Make it Real 3D printing challenge invited designers, engineers, and makers from around the world to submit ideas that take advantage of a new rugged 3D printing material, COR Alpha. COR Alpha is an entirely new additive manufacturing material that can produce products impossible to manufacture any other way. COR Alpha offers the quality and strength of an injection molded part with the complex geometry and customization of 3D printing.

Heath's passion for motorcycles enabled him to make some awesome connections within the industry and he no doubt has his future cut out for him with some great personalities.

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