Before I fall: BookReview

Before I Fall _ Book Review - Madisyn's Story

By: Fairouz Tamer

Have you ever asked yourself what your last day would look like? Have you wondered what the memory you want to leave after your last goodbye is? Have you ever wondered what your next day would be like? And one last question: “If someone asks you about your happiest memories in life right now, what would it be?”.

All those questions crossed Samantha on a seemingly normal day for the protagonist, popular 17-year-old Samantha “Sam” Kingston. On February 12, known as “Cupid’s Day”, Sam carries out the day like normal with her three best friends, Elody, Lindsay, and Ally. That night, she attends the party of Kent McFuller, an unpopular boy at their high school who used to be her best friend, but whom Sam now treats badly despite them both knowing he has feelings for her.  Moreover, Juliet Sykes, a girl who’s bullied by Sam and her friends, shows up at the party and calls Sam and her friends “bitches”, who react by pouring alcoholic beverages on her, calling her names, and shoving her around. Juliet runs out of the house. Later that night, Sam and her friends are driving home when, at 12:39AM, there’s a “flash of white” and the car veers off the road and crashes into a tree. Sam dies.

Such a tragic, overwhelming ending; but it is such an awakening, beautiful book to read one thousand times (as I did). Here is what awoke me:

“So many things become beautiful when you really look.”

“A good friend keeps your secrets for you. A best friend helps you keep your own secrets.”

“It’s funny, isn’t it? When you are young you just want to be old, and then later you wish you could go back to being a kid.”

“The whole point of growing up is learning to stay on the laughing side.”

“Things change after you die, though, I guess because dying is the loneliest thing you can do.”

“It strikes me how strange people are. You can see them every day, you can think you know them and then you found out you hardly knew them at all.”

“Hope keeps you alive.”

“Some things are better left buried and forgotten.”

“Nobody ever said life was fair.”

“If you cross a line and nothing happens, the line loses meaning.”

“It’s Connecticut: being like the people around you is the whole point.”

“You should only fall in love with people who will fall in love with you back.”

“Everyone just wasting time because they have so much of it to waste, minutes slipping by on who’s with who and did you hear.”

As you can conclude, everything changes in the blink of an eye when she dies in a car crash but then magically wakes up to find herself reliving the same day over and over again. As Samantha tries to untangle the mystery of a life derailed, she must also unravel the secrets of the people closest to her and discover how the power of a single day can make a difference.

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