Are You Business Minded? Check Your Symptoms!

“A business oriented mind can never be dry. It’s a field that forever bears crops of creativity!”

- The Laconic Writer

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After extensively discussing business in our earlier articles, let us have a testing article that allows you to judge whether or not your mind is business oriented.

Business has always been a fascinating endeavour except the fact that you are money driven and aren’t quite enjoying the business you are in. Yes, if you are a business minded person then you would enjoy the processes you go through to make a surplus and not be driven simply by the end goal- money! For instance, you are an eatery and your business seems to be racing. However, the ingredients of your recipes include love, patience, and immense passion that amalgamate into providing the best possible vibes to it. Thus, the process of getting to the surplus is enjoying the creation and delivery of your services while money gets to you later. After all, the customer needs to be satisfied with your services which involves you having proficiency in your tasks.

Impressing Customers!

Every business surely has a competition and thus, a business minded person knows how to deal with the same. He is well versed in befriending the competition in such a way so as to not get caught red handed spying on their services. Though, our motto isn’t to spy and steal their services but we surely have to, for inspiration which can drive us forward. Thus, a business oriented person knows how to spy and work for his benefit while ensuring good relations with the victims!

Strategically Using Competitors!

The mob out there is essential for understanding the value of our company on the basis of their demands. Thus, if you are a true business lover and haven’t restricted your business to buying and selling, you would take the best of efforts in surveying people regarding their demands before introducing services for your company. In short, it’s all about considering that true business runs with the people and not ahead of them. It’s all about pondering that a business is simply a convenient platform for the mob to which they can turn, in case of ‘desire emergency.’

Market Segmentation- Dividing People On The Basis Of Demand!

A business lover doesn’t indulge into malpractices because when money and profit become the only goal in business, the owner can’t shun the thought of deceit. That’s exactly why, a true business lover wouldn’t want to indulge in such practices and damage the reputation of his beloved company. Also, he would value his customers and put himself in their shoes considering that as we feel satisfied with proper discharge of services and deeply fall in love with that ‘worth a penny’ investment, similar is the case with our customers. Thus, your job is to keep your customers happy which makes you a loyal businessman, enough to create an attractive repute of your company!

A business lover uses his competition as inspiration or stepping stones to success and not as enemies who should be overrun or overtaken. Just because your competition indulges into the same level of business as you, doesn’t make them your enemies. The fact that they might get more customers is something that scares people. But a thing we miss out on is that the way you discharge your services is all that matters and attracts people towards you. A business oriented person would thus, carry a broad outlook and understand that more conveniences and facilities or variety in your services would attract customers. This too, can happen when your relations with your competitors are in good books and the policy of overturning them and wrestling them to the ground isn’t your agenda! These competitors can teach you a lot and help you succeed. Signing the pact of friendship with them by ensuring that neither of you would use force to annex each other would be enough help!

Get This Dream Of Crushing Your Competitors Out Of Your Mind!

A thing to be noted is that, it isn’t wrong to have profit as the end goal and it is and will be always. But you need to pave a path towards that goal. For instance, don’t consider horses on a race course in business whose main motto is to win. Consider, business as life wherein following the right way towards our goals becomes necessary for wisdom which eventually helps you win. Thus, just like life, business too yearns for a proper direction to a racing mind.

In short, a business oriented person would take all the possible aspects of the same into consideration and construct the rightful path to customer satisfaction. Love for services, customers, and way of winning their hearts becomes your prime goal. The day your mind moves from the competition and devotes to the fine tuning of your business, the day you realize the worth of business and it’s importance to you, is ensuring that you are closer to success. As long as you are subjected to myopic vision towards your business, consider it a bud that hasn’t bloomed as of yet because it awaits a broader vision from your side to bloom into a beautiful flower as it begins attracting bees towards it!

Happy Business-ing! ;)

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