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“Guidance is a medicine to the illness of doubt.”

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Welcome to The Daily Buzz, Yellow Scribe’s daily writer’s blog. We’re here to help you write and most importantly – publish that book! Today’s article shall cover all about the beta analysis procedure.

When we write a book, we do doubt its ability to hit the stores. We tend to lose some amount of confidence when that time finally arrives. The time when your manuscript shall now bade farewell and undergo the publishing process.

People who believe in utmost perfection and can’t tolerate the pettiest mistakes would surely understand that situation when they finally have to get their book out in the world. Well, beta reading analysis would be helpful to such people who tend to doubt their ability.

What Is Beta Reading?

Beta reading is nothing but full review of your book by an experienced person before it is ‘judged’ by the readers. By doing this, we are confident of not only our content but also the reaction, our content would receive because that experienced person makes sure we aren’t cocking anything up. That is exactly what this analysis provides. A guidance, confidence, and genuine support to our content!

What Is The Beta Report On Your Book Based On?

A full beta report on your book is based on the structure, literary skills, gripping storyline, and other factors in the storytelling process. This ensures that your work is satisfactory and thus, instills complete encouragement for you to now get your book out! Guidance can surely create wonders, can’t it?

Satisfactory Procedure!

The book is analyzed based on many factors and a report is sent over in your inbox. All you’ve got to do here is, open your G -mail, and tap on the recently arrived mail from that experienced mentor of yours and voila! Satisfaction in the form of mail should now put you at peace as you finally agree to get your book published on the basis of that exemplary report that helps you particularly.

Structural guidance is provided as to what you are expected to improve on and the things you did well. Isn’t this enough to boost your confidence completely? It will be, for me at least because I too am a perfection junkie and getting help with the book is mandatory.

By doing this, you learn the value of your book and its content which should by now definitely fuel you up with intense courage to get your book on the shelves! After the analysis, the stage of jeopardy, you were in earlier, should vanish and compel you to now get your book out there in the world for every eye to see!

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

That reminds me, we have a good news for you here! Yellow Scribe has incorporated this exemplary guidance for you in its Lychee Package.

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