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You should never start a company with the goal of getting rich. Your goal should be making something you believe in and making a company that will last.”

  1. Steve Jobs

Welcome to The Daily Buzz, Yellow Scribe’s daily writer’s blog. We’re here to help you write and most importantly – publish that book! Today’s article shall take you to the trip down the lane of our company being ‘Yellow Scribe’. In short, we shall be discussing the various facilities provided and why you should opt for Yellow Scribe and join in as a client!

Since, quite a long time, I have been writing articles that would coach beginners and encourage them towards the writing process! However, not many people are acquainted with our company and the facilities it comes up with, for your convenience. Thus, today’s article shall be a short introduction of our company!

Yellow Scribe is a British Publishing House that was founded by Miss Kaitlyn Pibernik in 2017. A house of complete assistance ranging from Self – Publication to Vanity Publication of your books! In short, it is a package of guidance for novices in writing as Miss Kaitlyn is a writing coach who mentors her clients and helps them feel comfortable with the writing process! It is to be noted that this is a global platform so country barriers don’t exist here.

About Miss Kaitlyn Pibernik

CEO of Yellow Scribe, she is the finest person to ever work with! Coordinative and Patient, she handles every client calmly thereby ensuring that your journey with us shall be worth it! She also hosts the Writing Podcast which is a platform answering common questions related to writing in an exciting way! Miss Kaitlyn founded Yellow Scribe with the goal of providing platforms for marginalized voices. She has been an activist since the age of 9, residing in UK, England! You can feel free to contact her any time once you embark on this journey with her! Locate her on Instagram with ID being @kaitlynpibernik or you could always visit the @yellowscribe page on Instagram for further details!

Email Id: kaitlyn@pibernik.co.uk

Facilities Provided By Yellow Scribe

Now, Self – Publish in style with Yellow Scribe’s affordable and fully comprehensive packages. No compromise with your writing skills any longer. Indulge in these fruity packages for yummy discounts!

The Apple Package!

50 Pounds for One and a Half Hours of Coaching, Cover Design, Proofreading, Beta Reading, Free Advertising and an Author’s Page on The Official Yellow Scribe Website. This is our best discount yet and it shall remain that way! So, what are you waiting for? This is the right time to show your love for the fruit! 😉

The Cherry Package!

Who loves Cheeky Cherry? Then wait no more! Our package includes 6 Hours of Video Call Coaching, Editing, Proofreading, Beta Reading, Cover Design, and Advertising. All for………….Give it a guess! Just for 300 Pounds! Too pocket friendly, isn’t it? Get Publishing now! You never know! Your book might be in the future Top Seller Range!

The Peach Package!

Peaches usually make us go Uhmmmmmmm, with their juicy pulp that is enough to knock us off! Well, this package can be considered similar to that! Here, we involve 12 Hours of Video Call Coaching (yes, more than the previous ones), Editing, Proofreading, Beta Reading, Cover Design and Advertising for just 500 Pounds! That means, complete guidance and effort for the publication process, made easy for you!

However, who doesn’t love Ghostwriting in order to reduce the efforts involved in writing that elephant – sized manuscript? Worry Not! Now, you can add Ghostwriting for 15 Pounds per 1000 words to any of our bundles, rather than the 6 week book creation course thereby including ghost writing by default.

Another surprise awaits you, as we provide the flexibility of making you afford the Peach Package by allowing payment in either of the following ways :

  1. 100 pounds * 5 months

  2. 250 pounds * 2 months

  3. 500 pounds in One Swift Payment!

In short, we accept Investments, making transactions and your journey with us, memorable!

The Lemon Package!

This Package comes with a fixed rate being 25 Pounds per hour. It includes proofreading and formatting. Subject to the pick and mix theme which involves the addition of either Ghostwriting, Beta Reading, Formatting or Proofreading! Juicy, isn’t it? Delay no more! Begin consuming these fruits with utmost pleasure!

About Ghostwriting!

Ghostwriting is the process in which you make somebody else write for you, of course by paying the required amount per word. We include that as well. Our writing coach, could sometimes ghostwrite your entire story!

About Proofreading!

Proofreading is a way of structuring your manuscript both structurally and grammatically, so as to ensure that your work is flawless. After all, you don’t want your readers to notice any flaw and spoil your reputation! Don’t worry! We’re here to help you with that as well! Proofreading here, usually ranges between 5 pounds per 1000 words to 50 pounds per 1000 words! Make your choice promptly!

About Beta Reading!

Here, at Yellow Scribe, we write up a full beta report on your book based on the structure, literary skills, gripping storyline and other factors in the storytelling process. Your book will be analyzed based on many factors and a report will be sent over to you through email following our beta – analysis. We will give you structural guidance, things to improve on and the things you did well. Sounds quite interesting, doesn’t it? By doing this, you learn the value of your book and its content thereby ensuring and predicting the success of your book on the shelves!

We, the team of Yellow Scribe are here to support you completely. Don’t suppress your writing skills just because you aren’t acquainted with the publishing process. Consult us! We are always there to help every writer! Let your art reach out to the world. As a proverb goes, “Something is better than Nothing.” At least try Writing something and getting it published instead of burying your head in your hands and predicting the future of your book, thereby doing nothing! Leave your worry and anxiety aside and take the risk of getting your book published! You might encounter rejection and poor response at the start! But everything sure has a beginning which can be transformed later!

As the saying goes, “Practice makes Perfect.” The more you Practice and Publish, the more skilled you tend to become!

So, approach us for guidance. In order to learn more about us, please check our official website’s home page or you could directly choose to get in touch with our M.D Miss Kaitlyn Pibernik either on Instagram or via Email as stated above! We await to have you on board with us!

Thank You For Reading!

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