5 amazing resources a writer should know

Every writer needs to have resources to use,maybe to help find an idea, to research about the topic, to know words that can help deliver the meaning, and way more things that we need. For me, I use a lot of resources, but I’ll list 5 for you: 1. GoogleOf course everyone uses Google, it’s the absolute source to find anything. I didn’t mention specific sites here because sometimes you need to search at various sites for one topic, for example if you’re researching to create an opinion about a certain topic to write about, you can’t do it receiving data from one site: you have to look and search through a lot of sites and blogs to create an opinion, and after seeing a lot of perspectives so you can write about it perfectly. And of course if you want to find an idea that inspires you to write about, or if you want to know more about something you already started writing about, or someone you want to write about, Google can be used for hundreds of things. It’s only up to you to know how to search! 2. Word HippoThis is an amazing site and an amazing resource you can use when you’re writing. This site can make you very good with words, it helps you to put your thoughts into words. If you want to make the meaning deeper, or maybe change the structure, it helps you to find the nouns and the verbs of every word you want, and also the opposites, the rhymes, the definitions, translations, sentences, and word forms.So it’s a very good resource to use as a writer! 3. Psychology TodayPsychology Today is a very famous site where you can find opinions and scientific articles from experts in any field related to psychology; you can use it to build up a character if you want to write a novel, or to create an opinion about a certain topic if you want to know the psychological means behind it. It’s very trustworthy: it can help you if you want to interview someone and you want to know more about them, or you want to just understand the character more before you go and do the interview. If you want to write about psychology or emotions or feelings this is the perfect place to search at! 4. BooksBooks, for me, are the main source of my general knowledge. The knowledge used in my writings comes from reading lots of books: it will teach you about a lot of things and it will create somehow a writing sense. It can make you a better person and it can upgrade your topics to take it to another level. It’s very important to read books when you want to write because seeing how experts work will give you an idea of what you want to be or how you want to work and write, and all of this can create a better writer out of anyone. 5. ImaginationThis is the fifth source (I know it’s not really a source for some people but I use it the most).My imagination gives me all the inspiration I have, gives me all the passion I need to write about anything. I can write about situations that didn’t even happen to me, or things I didn’t go through. Writing novels definitely needs your imagination as a source! As a very important source, imagination is what makes our writings interesting and beautiful. Not all people can use their imagination very well but everyone can train their imagination to work better, and to serve their purposes and their writings, and not everyone is aware that they’re using it! So this is the fifth source and for me it can be the most important source anyone can ever use. So these are the resources I find so amazing, and that help me the most, and that I think it’s very important and useful for any writer to know about.

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