Google Configuration

What is it?

Google Configuration is a service by YellowScribe that entails a profile on Google Business being created and verified - so your company appears when somebody searches for it.

With YellowScribe-quality SEO, your company is even more likely to appear on Google when someone searches anything similar to your company. Think of it being the best shot you have at getting to the top of Google without paying for advertising on Google.

Google Business is also the perfect and most reputable place to collect reviews - just get your Google Reviews link from YellowScribe and share it with all of your past and current customers.

As part of the 'Brand Management' approach, we will actively contact your past and current clients to ask for reviews, for you.

If you choose to opt in for Google Configuration only and not brand management, then you will need to contact the customers yourself. See Brand Management packages here.

Why is it important?

Google Configuration is a service by YellowScribe